We welcome your interest in baptism! We trust this information will help you to know what is being asked for when we come to be baptised, and to be well prepared for it.

At Christ Church—as our name indicates—we are committed to bringing people to know and trust Jesus Christ. He was crucified, and was raised from death, and he is alive now. As Son of God he rules over all. He saves us from sin and evil and brings us to know and love God as our Father. He gives us the power of God’s Holy Spirit, so we can live our lives in the way God intended, now and in the eternal age to come.

Baptism is the way Jesus has given us of coming to belong to him. It is a decisive and memorable outward sign of the inner cleansing and renewal that God gives us through repentance and faith in Christ. It sets us up for a life of faithful and loving service towards God and other people.

As our living Lord, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever—faithful and dependable, and full of forgiving grace in his constant relationship with us. At Christ Church we reflect this in holding to traditional Anglican forms of worship that are stable and stately, homely and warm, to sustain us together in our journey of faith. We trust that your experience of baptism will be the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship with us in this journey.


A baptism booklet is available on request.