Weddings at Christ Church

The Bible teaches three purposes of marriage:

  1. Lifelong mutual companionship, help and support.
  2. The proper expression of the gift of sex.
  3. Having and raising children.

At Christ Church we want your wedding to be a happy and memorable occasion, which you will cherish in years to come.

Designed by Henry Stuckey and built in 1849, Christ Church is a handsome Anglo-Norman building, characterised by its beautiful rounded arches. Built using local materials and stunningly decorated, Christ Church has been a favourite with brides since its earliest days.

After browsing our website, please come in and have a look at the church or chat to one of our office staff. Once you’ve decided to be married at Christ Church, please contact us to book your wedding date. A deposit of $100 confirms the booking, so you can start planning your big day.

Please note that weddings are not usually held in Lent.