Welcome to Christ Church North Adelaide – an outstandingly beautiful pioneer church in North Adelaide in the style of Anglo Norman architecture, overlooking the city of Adelaide.

Celebrating 170 Years of Worship

Anglican Church of Australia – Diocese of Adelaide

The Locum Tenens is the Reverend Adrian Stephens
fr.adrian@ccna.asn.au  ·  0427 478 098

Fr Adrian Stephens, Locum TenensFr Adrian Stephens,
Locum Tenens

Church Services have resumed as of 21st June 2020.
If you wish to attend a Service please advise the Parish Office on 8267 2673 to register your attendance.

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The search for a new Rector for this parish has officially begun. Please do continue to pray for wisdom and discernment so that the person being called by God may be identified, accepted, and installed in good time. Of course, all of us know exactly what qualities the new Rector should have. They are specific and wide ranging. Each one of us will know the qualities of the perfect candidate.

There is a wonderful example of the search for a perfect priest published in social media. It is amusing, but possibly not far from the truth. This is it:
“A recent survey in America compiled all the qualities that people expect of their priest and fed them into a computer. The result showed that the perfect priest is 28 years old, tall, slim, athletic and handsome. He preaches for exactly ten minutes, frequently condemns sin and social evils, but never upsets anyone. He works tirelessly from 6.30am to 11.00pm, earns $100 a week wears good clothes, buys good books, drives a good car, and gives about $50 a week to the poor. He is a man of limitless patience, gentleness, and kindness, but is a strong, vigorous, and decisive leader. He gives himself completely to others, but never gets too close to anyone lest he be criticised. He has a burning desire to work with teenagers, but spends all his time with senior citizens. He spends his entire day in parish visitations, comforting the sick and the bereaved, and working in the schools, but is always in the Presbytery when anyone calls. He is a man of deep spirituality and wide learning, but of down-to-earth practicality, a capable administrator, a financial genius, wise counsellor, architect, and builder.
As the above illustrates quite well, we will all have in mind what qualities the new Rector will have. The problem is that there is no man known who will be able to adequately live up to the above description. No such creature exists.
Of course, we should have something of a wish list. There are special qualities that we would want to see in our new Rector. The qualities must, however, be realistic. In the end there will be some compromise from a human point of view. The Patronage Committee will need the strength, support, and power, of the community prayers so that they may discern who it is that God is calling to be the Rector in this place. That is the key to future spiritual security.
This is not a political appointment. It is not an appointment for a friend. It is not an appointment to be made because there is no one else. The appointment of a new priest will be made because God has called them, and we have discerned that call as being true.
Please continue to pray fervently for the Patronage Committee, and for God to reveal the one he has chosen.
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As of the 21st June we have been offering public worship. Our schedule is the same as before the onset of Covid-19.
Sunday 28 June.
8am Holy Communion
10am Choral Eucharist
6pm Choral Evensong.
Everyone is welcome to attend, but please do endeavor to contact the office to let us know that you are intending to worship with us. We do not mind how you dress, please do come and worship.
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