Play Group

Discover the Exciting Christ Church Play Group for Kids 5 and Under

Welcome to Christ Church Play Group – the perfect developmental playground for children aged 5 and under. Join us every Friday during school terms from 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon for an age-appropriate program full of songs, crafts, games, and stories in a fun, friendly, and supportive atmosphere.

Our Program: Songs, Crafts, Games, and Stories

At Christ Church PlayGroup, we believe in creating a nurturing environment where young minds can grow and flourish. Our carefully curated program is designed to engage children aged 5 and under with delightful activities like songs, crafts, games, and stories. From enhancing their creativity through arts and crafts to fostering social skills through interactive games, our playgroup ensures that every child’s developmental needs are met joyfully and educationally.

Free Playgroup for Children and Parents

We understand the importance of community and togetherness, so our playgroup welcomes parents and caregivers to join the fun! There is no charge for attending our playgroup sessions. We ask that parents bring a piece of fruit for the children to share, promoting healthy eating habits and a sense of sharing among the little ones. The playgroup allows parents to actively engage in their child’s growth and development while building lasting bonds with other families in the Christ Church community.

We believe that children desire to spend time interacting with their carers and other children. This can be achieved through play, meals, Crafts and musical activities or just being together. At play group we have a focus on interactive and free play.

Interactive play encourages the development of sharing language (both verbal and nonverbal), body awareness, and boundaries. Play group provides opportunities to explore social skills in a safe, happy environment.

Developing competent social skills allows a child to access our society with confident and positive self-esteem.

Connecting through Morning Tea and New Friendships

At Christ Church PlayGroup, we understand the value of parent-child interactions and offer the parents morning tea during our sessions. This allows parents to relax, chat, and make new friendships with like-minded individuals. Our playgroup acts as a supportive space for parents, creating a camaraderie and support network extending beyond the playgroup hours.

Ready to Join the Fun? Contact Us Now!

We can’t wait to welcome you and your little one to the Christ Church Play Group family! If you’re seeking a place where your child can learn, play, and grow in a fun-filled environment, our playgroup is the perfect fit.

Join us every Friday during school terms from 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon for an unforgettable journey of exploration and friendship. Bring your child, bring a piece of fruit, and let’s make cherished memories together at Christ Church Play Group!


For further information, please contact the Parish Office on (08) 8267 2673