Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden was established as a result of a bequest by Miss Marjory Godet, and regulated by a Trust Deed. It was dedicated by the Archbishop of York, the Most Reverend Dr David Hope, on 7th June 1998. The architect for this project was John Twopenny. 


A Memorial Garden has been established by Christ Church:

 for the interment of ashes of deceased parishioners and their families.

 for the placement of memorial plaques of those qualified under the by-laws, when the mortal remains are interred in another place.

 to provide a garden area for prayer and contemplation.


All interments are conducted by an Anglican Priest licensed in the province of South Australia.  Interments are conducted according to the rites of the Anglican Church of Australia, and the ashes placed directly into the earth in a degradable container.


The garden is open during church opening hours.  Access to the garden is provided through the north-eastern porch of the Church during these times, or through the outside gate upon request.


The design, style and wording of the plaques have been determined by the Select Vestry, and cannot be varied.  

The sequence of the wording is:

 name of the person

 date of birth

 date of death

The placement of plaques on the wall shall also be determined by the Select Vestry. Reservations may be made for future interments to ensure that relatives’ plaques may be adjacent to one another.

In the case of a memorial plaque where ashes are not interred in the Memorial Garden, the small cross on the top left hand corner of the plaque will be omitted.


This records the names of those whose remains are interred in the garden.


Quiet, respectful behaviour is expected at all times.  

No eating, drinking or smoking is permitted within the garden, and children must be under the strict supervision of a responsible adult.  

No private floral or other tribute is to be placed in the garden, and picking of flowers or shrubs is not permitted.