Nursing Homes

Serving Nursing Homes: Bringing Comfort, Connection, and Spiritual Care

At the Parish of Christ Church North Adelaide, we are dedicated to extending our love and support to those in need within our community, especially the Helping Hand North Adelaide residents and other local care facilities. Our commitment to serving nursing homes is deeply rooted in our mission to bring comfort, connection, and spiritual care to individuals who may be housebound or in respect.

Our Weekly Visits and Monthly Holy Communion Service

Every week, our compassionate volunteers pay meaningful visits to the residents at Helping Hand North Adelaide. These interactions foster a sense of companionship and provide an opportunity for heartfelt conversations. In addition, once a month, we hold a Holy Communion Service at Helping Hand, allowing residents to partake in a sacred and uplifting experience.

Ante-Communion Service on YouTube

Recognising the need to reach beyond the boundaries of physical presence, we are thrilled to introduce an online Ante-Communion Service on our YouTube channel. This service is specifically designed for those in care or housebound, allowing them to engage in spiritual communion. This service follows the Book of Common Prayer and would be familiar to those who identify as Anglican or Church of England. This virtual offering is intended to complement our efforts to provide the reserve sacrament to those who require it.

Comprehensive Care and Last Rites

Our dedication to holistic care extends beyond regular visits and services. Our clergy members are available to minister to the dying, commonly called ‘Last Rites’. This solemn service ensures that those in their final moments receive spiritual comfort and support. Please contact us if you require this ministry for your loved ones 8267 2673.

Bridging Spiritual Needs

By offering services in person and through our YouTube channel, we fulfil a crucial role in meeting the spiritual needs of residents in nursing homes. By Australian law, nursing homes are mandated to provide for the spiritual well-being of their residents, and our efforts align with this critical aspect of care.

Monthly Newsletter and Connection

We plan to launch a Monthly Newsletter to keep everyone informed and engaged. This newsletter will be sent to nursing homes and anyone interested, detailing the schedule of our online services in alignment with the church calendar. This is an excellent assistance for Lifestyle coordinators and others trying to ensure residents’ spiritual needs are met, these services typically go for less than 30 minutes, and you can check the time on YouTube.

Get Involved and Stay Connected

If you have a loved one needing our ministry, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can contact us directly through email at or by phone at 8267 2673. To receive our monthly newsletter, providing information about online services for care facility residents and housebound residents, you can subscribe below.

Thank you for allowing us to provide comfort and spiritual support to those in nursing homes. Your partnership and involvement help us make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.